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Our solutions, including network firewalls, encrypted mail, surveillance, and more, helps to ensure your business or organization runs safely.

Network Security SolutionsSurveillance Systems

Network Security Solutions

Encrypted Mail

ACA offers Encrypted Email Service. Businesses and organizations can protect sensitive data with a simple click of a button. Encrypted Email ensures that content within email is secure. Give us a call for pricing.


ACA offers anti-virus solutions for any sized business or organization. Keep your end points secure!

Spam Filtering

ACA offers state-of-the-art spam filtering service, utilizing a cloud-based solution to block malicious emails, and limiting the amount of phishing emails. This solution scans each mail attachment in real-time so end-users won’t receive them. Ransomware is common in this day of age, and one of the most common ways it’s implemented is through email attachments.

Network Firewall

Allow ACA to manage your network firewall. We offer advanced threat protection, intrusion prevention, application control, and web content filtering with all of our network firewalls/routers. ACA also implements secure Wi-Fi solutions to work seamlessly with our firewall/router solutions. Give us a call to learn more.

Surveillance Systems

American Computer Associates, Inc. offers a wide range of surveillance system options and will always do our best to fit our customer needs. ACA is a partner with Speco Technologies and implements all their products and solutions.

We believe the most important features of a surveillance system is image usability and remote viewing. When an event happens, it is very important that a business has a functional surveillance system with recorded footage that will uphold in the court of law. Also, we give you the ability to view your cameras and monitor business operations or production from anywhere in the world.

camera surveillance security system

Analog Systems

If you currently have an old analog surveillance system, we can upgrade it to a new high definition solution without replacing all your wires. New technology allows us to replace old analog cameras with new HD cameras while still utilizing the old cable, which is always a big savings to our customers.

Analog camera channel

HD camera channel

IP Systems

ACA can fit all your needs with IP surveillance system solutions from simple 4 channel systems to more complex 64 channel systems. Whether you have an existing office or you are building a brand new building we will have a solution for you.

Wireless Technology

ACA has developed a unique way to provide surveillance solutions to remote locations or secondary buildings that are not part of your main office, but still are able to view remotely from any device.

Contact us anytime to learn more about our surveillance systems and how we can help you protect your business with a free onsite survey.