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Business Solutions

American Computer Associates, Inc. provide a variety of technological solutions, services, and products to make sure your business or organization stays productive.

Managed Services

American Computer Associates, Inc. uses a systematic approach to keep track of technological services. Through using automated software, we are able to monitor and manage your business or organization’s needs.

Block Hours

Reduced rate technical support.

Block Hour Contracts are an affordable solution to manage your IT needs. Give us a call today for pricing. Block Hours can be integrated into Managed Services Contracts as well. Quantity of 10 Hours is the minimum to receive the discounted rate.

Remote Support

In this day of age, Remote Support is more pivotal than ever before. ACA uses state of the art Remote Software to assist on most service needs. Our remote software is secure and provides fast and effective IT support.

ACA Managed Backup Solution

Ransomware becomes more common in the United States and the world each year. Government Agencies, Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, School Districts, Corporations, Financial Institutions, and Small Businesses have all been effected over the past few years. ACA Managed Backup Solution provides security to your data. ACA manages your daily local backup along with storing your precious data offsite. ACA invested their time and money in providing a secure backup solution. Please contact us for a quote.


PC’s & Servers

ACA manufactures their own Model American PCs and Model American Servers. ACA is also a certified reseller of Lenovo Laptops. Our Model American PC can be built the way you request. ACA also includes a 3-year warranty on any PC and Server we manufacture.

Network Switches

ACA utilizes Cisco Switches for all their networking needs.

Routers & Firewalls

ACA is a reseller of Fortinet Routers, Wireless Access Points, and FortiVoice Solutions. Network security is very important in everyday technology. Fortinet Fortigate Network Security Appliance comes with a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solution. This software bundle provides an additional network security, intrusion prevention, application control, advanced threat protection and 24×7 FortiCare support. Each year the UTM bundle is renewed it extends the replacement warranty of the device.